Insurrection at Capitol Hill

This is the day that Donald J. Trump and the Republican party attempted to stage the end of a long running coup for authoritarian rule and demise of democracy. Yet, here I sit watching republican after republican in the Nation’s House of Representatives lying and spreading propaganda, saying Donald J. Trump is the victim and Democrats are the perpetrators in the last four years of our Terror-filed lives.

Democracy and White Supremacy are not congruent and cannot survive in the same Nation. Republicans want us to return to a time when people of color were hung in tree-lined parks in the open, on the streets of America. Today, January 13, just one week after Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi were assassinations targets of Neo-Nazis and white supremacist, one republican after another protects and defends a psychopath in the white house.

Democrats want us to move forward, together with the majority of the citizens of the USA into a hopeful future. Republicans do not want to travel with us into this future. They would rather keep us mired in conflict, Propaganda and lies because that enables christo-fascism disguised as Evangelism, racism, white supremacy and bigotry.

Despite what they say during this House Impeachment Hearing, do not be fooled. Republicans do not approve of Democracy. They want to live in a World filled with fear because it resonates with their inner experience. Do not believe a word they say. If they are not lying, they are brainwashed so badly for so long it will be impossible for them to return to the truth.



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